3D Printing of Custom Optomechanics

3D Printing of Custom Optomechanics

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We offer 3D printing service for optics related components.

We can draw the 3D design of your custom 3D objects as well - for this service see the 3D Drawing Service item on the diy-optics.com store. 

What is included in this service:

  • the 3D part printed
  • the part post processed (supports and printing base removed, surface roughly sanded and if required smoothed)


Printing details:

  • material is black PETG.
  • print fill ratio is 25%,
  • layer height is 0.1mm
  • printing method is plastic filament extrusion

Printing time will highly depend on the size of the component. If the printing time exceeds 16h or the component is difficult / impossible to print and no improvement measures can be taken, the price will be fully refunded.


Required input:

A 3D model (file type STL, 3MF, STP..)