Optics Project Cost Assessment

Optics Project Cost Assessment

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I will assess the cost of your optics  project.

With my >15 years of professional and project management experience, I know a lot of optics related suppliers and know the rough prices of the parts what you need.

These prices are usually not published on any website. Whoever is interested must ask for information from some sales staff. I find this personally extremely annoying.

I will save you the time, effort and spam.


What you get:

  • A list of items with rough prices from a "cheap" and expensive option. 
  • A rough estimate how long the delivery times are and how long it will take to build a prototype.
  • A list of usual tasks in the project which you do not want to miss.


Input needed:

  • Rough description and target of your project.


Whatever is your project, all information will be handled with full confidence..